Ecstatic Silence Meditation:
The sessions take place in person and online.
Duration: 60 minutes
Costs: 80 US Dollars

Meditation is a key for relaxation, stress management and a calm nervous system. It feels like inner medicine and balm for our whole being. And it goes even deeper, you might receive answers to your life issues and experience healing.

Probably you know already that meditation is good for you, but you also might think it would be boring or you feel an inner blockage to begin. If you sit down, thoughts, feelings and fatigue come, but no inner silence.

Through my shamanic training, psychology degree and conscious bodywork I am able to notice blockages or tension and help you letting go of them. On inner journeys you explore yourself, who you really are and what you want to create. You experience an expansion of your consciousness.

Through breathwork, visualization and individually fitting techniques or intuitive guidance your body and energy system are able to relax, surrender and open. In personal sessions I use massage techniques, acupressure and laying on of hands to help you relax and connect. You step into a space of stillness and observe yourself from there, maybe even with a smile.

To rest in your inner silence is like a fountain of youth for your soul, regenerating and refreshing. You don´t need to do anything. Your self - healing is activated and just happens in meditation where you find your true nature. There is nothing to lose and nothing to win, nothing to dissolve or relief anymore, because you are whole already. Learn how to play masterfully with your consciousness while resting in inner silence.

Psychological Support:
The sessions take place in person and online.
Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: 120 US Dollars

On the point consultation on a certain topic: 30 min. for 45 US Dollars 

Do you sense most things in life through a filter of negativity, seclusion and dullness? Do you have a hard time to smile from deep inside, though you have reasons to be happy?

You might be stuck in unconscious patterns you developed in order to protect yourself after hurts, traumata, abuse, loss or deep disappointments. We use to create ways of protecting ourselves from further damage and also from feeling our painful emotions that those wounds caused.

Like that we put our feelings behind a safe wall and disconnect from ourselves instead of processing what is and showing our real inner condition. Now our protection systems run our life and we act automatically through these programs. This is a main blockage and often makes it difficult to go deeper in meditation. We are caught in conflicts. In this case you might need psychological support to break through your inner wall step by step. We enlighten the issues, feel and breath through them. Here and now, you are safe and nourished. Dream journeys and inner journeys help to find back to your strength and inner wisdom.

We break patterns by using our free will. You can choose your most constructive and authentic direction in order to feel joy again. It is your own healing journey just if you take it like that. We work out concrete steps, you are willing to go to find back to (self)love. We will not deny inner pain at all. But we learn other perspectives of handling pain and growing with it.

Ecstatic Silence Massage
Duration: 60 min./90 min.
Costs: 90 US Dollar/120 US Dollar

We experience massages as nourishing, relaxing and sometimes healing. Allow your body to release deep tension so that it feels soft and transparent again. Your body will be your oasis of refreshing stillness, which will flow into you with new vitality and put you out of time.

I offer a combination of:
- Thai Yoga Massage
- Shiatsu
- intuitive Oil Massage with essential oils as a healing and invigorating scent experience
- deep tissue
- targeted treatment of specific physical ailments

you can choose, focus on what you want or you just let me do it how I feel it best for you. Let go and feel yourself again…

Ecstatic Silence Beautiful Awakening
Duration: 4 sessions a 75 minutes
special offer: 300 US Dollar

Beauty is a quality that almost everyone desires and for which people use make up and creams, go to the gym or even have surgeries. The whole thing has little to do with real beauty and can backfire. Beauty that we don´t feel blooming inside of us is meaningless.

Once you just feel how beautiful you really are, in your true essence, then you don´t give a damn about how you look. But how can we get there within ourselves?

Inner beauty is rooted in inner silence and blossoms in the pure heart, (self)love, devotion, compassion, forgiveness and integrity. She makes you be queen and king, that others see in you, because you shine for them. You are by yourself when you are pure, honest and transparent.

If you are going for this fulfillment, which is true fulfillment and not just wanting to be pretty in order to be loved or have benefits because of it, then the door has already opened for you.

I offer you:
- guided meditation to activate and release your inner beauty
- psychological help with inner blockages that does´t let you bloom
- teaching on the spiritual nature of beauty, what is it and how can it enlighten you?
- physical energetic treatment for inner purification mainly through massage or laying on of hands

Everything you love is beautiful. So this special has a lot to do with love, inner stillness and purity. Let yourself go and experience what the flower experiences every day when it opens its blossom to the sun.