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Thai Yoga Massage course

In this course I will show you an easy but very effective sequence from the traditional Thai Yoga Massage. I explain you how to create a clean and beautiful space for your treatment and demonstrate the work and techniques slowly and for everybody understandable. Experience the beautiful dance between two hearts and bodies, learn more about transforming energies and mastery of your own body just by doing it. Bodywork is super connecting. Do the massage with your partner or friends, integrate it in your work and life and see what changes in a positive way. Spending time with the physical and emotional touch makes sense, specially in this time we live in. Step in in the here and now.

Video will be available very soon!

Oil Massage course


This course is perfect for relationships so that you come deeply on connection with each other. The most relationships lost their magic and love through the lack of physical touch and intimacy. Doing Bodywork together can be more healing and nourishing for partners then doing a couple therapy. Of course, you can also do this massage with friends and/or family members. Come in the flow with another being, step into refreshing meditation, surrender in relaxation and experience your own healing energy. I show you an easy sequence with clear explanations that you just do yourself on the spot. A perfect way to spend your evening and recover from your day. Also perfect as a gift for your partner, if you want to receive treatments yourself.

Video will be available very soon!

Shamanism course

This course gives you an impression about what shamanic work is. How do you create a space that makes healing possible? How do you hold space? I explain, how to see and transform energies, how to travel in other worlds and how to clear fields and energy systems. You learn how to activate inner life changing processes and may feels the initiation of your own. You learn everything about purification as the first step. For navigating gracefully through your further process I introduce important shamanic tools like incense and powerful healing plants. 

 Find your own abilities in this course, actually find your magic and whole being in this deep spiritual tradition. You may realize what kind of power you carry insight and what your gift is you want to share with the world. It´s all about consciousness. Explore the universe and see what´s possible to grow and free yourself from inner limitations and beliefs.

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Tantra course

To understand and even embody pure tantric energy is a process. That requires a lot of sensitivity and purity. You feel it or you don´t, you can´t force anything. What I try in this course is, to activate your body and mind to open for the tantric flow by cleansing and surrendering to the divine in deep meditation. Your body is nothing like a vessel for this energy, willing to serve. Your mind needs to be still or at least mastered by awareness. You need a pure intention and you need to leave your ego behind while becoming one with the universe. Your heart needs to be wide open. Then you will feel like the fountain of youth yourself, dissolved in eternity. Life and death merge here into immorality. The male and female dance in cosmic orgasmic love, ecstatic silence. This is not yours and you can´t hold on to it. It comes with letting go and prove yourself worthy to receive it by emptying yourself. So in this course we will learn a lot about inner and outer purification, meditation techniques, breathing, theoretical aspects, initiations, natural feelings, heart opening and female energy that helps to open the door for tantric energy.

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