Gudrun Silvestre

I was born 1982 in Kiel (Germany) and grew up in a well-educated home - style environment. This life seemed to be strange and foggy for me and I didn´t feel myself in this world. There was something else I could always sense.


I studied Psychology, Ethnology and Literature (Magister) in Munich at the Ludwig - Maximilians - Universität. After university I worked as representative for Thomas Cook on Santorini and Gran Canaria and discovered that I was born to travel. I am a wanderer. But still, there was more waiting for me. I wasn´t really born, yet.

Back in Munich and after having pain in my throat the doctor diagnosed Hashimoto and told me I would need medication for the rest of my life. "No", was my clear answer. That illness was just a wakeup call to leave my party - life behind and initiate to my real being and potential. I found several shamans with different healing methods and every one of them gave me a key to my inner treasure and healing journey. A magical spiritual world opened up for me and I finally experienced, what life really is. My awakening and initiation began with my first Ayahuasca ceremony. I exploded in love. My heart and third eye opened and I stepped inside the field that unifies life and death. I began an intense training with two shamans, experienced death and rebirth again and again, my spirit animal the tiger and just surfed on this wave of bliss and freedom. That was life how it couldn´t get better. My Hashimoto was no issue any longer, my blood values were perfect.

Then I travelled in the Peruvian jungle and it hit me hard. I fell into a horrible abyss and could diagnose after my psychology study a strong schizophrenia. But this is just a word or classification for something, there are no words to describe the suffering behind. I needed two years to heal myself. My medicine was my pure will for light and love, sounds kitschy, but that´s the truth. I decided for forgiveness, gratitude and humility. And I prayed in deep inner emergency to the angels and light beings to help me. They did that every single time. I felt it was God´s mercy that I survived and I knew I saved my soul by trusting in love no matter what.

On my healing path I learned and used meditation, breathwork, yoga and bodywork as powerful and immense helpful tools. I did many courses and trainings and made my certificates in Thai Yoga Massage (Krishnatakis, Sunshine House), Yogateacher (Patrick Broome, Munich), Shiatsu (Europäisches Shiatsu Institut, Munich) and Aromatherapy (Primavera, Kempten, Vienna). I created my own business with massage, energy treatments and workshops for the mindful touch. In between I travelled the world, mostly in south America.

Just when I fully recovered from my mental illness, everything I had learned was put back to the test. I got pregnant and married. As soon as my son was born in Cusco, I was there nonstop for another little human being I love more than words can describe. But there was no time for myself anymore until now. I completely needed to restructure my life and still doing it. New values appeared and and the obligation to take responsibility no matter what.

I experienced beside of a challenging nomadic motherhood also deep hurts, disappointments and mental trauma in those years, caused by other circumstances. At one point I just felt depressive, frustrated and even desperate. The joy of life I always felt so deeply was gone, I lost my ability to laugh. I didn´t want this pain to break me though and I decided not to become bitter and hard but heal again.

To come out of this situation was tough. What helped me again was to always remember my strength and also to remember that I am definitely able to feel love and that I am loved by many people. So, I relearned everything, stepped back into an emotional independent and sovereign space with clear boundaries and processed again what it really means - forgiveness, love, silence, relaxation, pure intention and gratitude. I focused on my own healing tool, that comes out of myself and is fully me, my own key I can share with this world. This is my gift and I live it myself fully, it is my spirituality in action. Ecstatic silence, this is my magic word and describes the energy that I feel deep inside my healthy being. Here I am healing myself and silence refreshes my challenging life so I can enjoy myself.

So, anybody who needs help, support and inspiration is warmly invited to open to me and my work in order to heal and step into the inner space of deep silence, where all stories are just dreams helping to wake up.