Gudrun Silvestre

I was born 1982 in Kiel (Germany) and grew up in a well-educated home - style environment. This life seemed to be strange and foggy for me and I didn´t feel myself in this world. There was something else I could always sense.



I studied Psychology, Ethnology, and Literature (Magister) in Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. I worked as a Thomas Cook representative on Santorini and Gran Canaria and discovered I was born to travel. I am a wanderer. But still, there was more waiting for me. I felt as if I wasn't really born yet.
Back in Munich I heard on a film shoot the word "Ayahuasca".  That was it I was waiting for my whole life. A magical spiritual world opened up for me, and I finally experienced what it means to live fully. My awakening and initiation began with my first Ayahuasca ceremony. I dissolved in love. I began intense training with two shamans and experienced death and rebirth again and again. 
Then I traveled in the Peruvian jungle, and it hit me hard. I fell into a horrible abyss and could diagnose myself with severe schizophrenia. I needed two years to heal myself. My medicine was my pure will for light and love, it sounds kitschy, but that's how I feel. I chose forgiveness, gratitude, and humility. 
I learned and used meditation, breathwork, yoga, and bodywork as the most powerful tools on my path to healing. I underwent several courses and training and made my certificates in Thai
Yoga Massage (Krishnatakis, Sunshine House), Yoga teacher (Patrick Broome, Munich), Shiatsu (Europäisches Shiatsu Institut, Munich), and Aromatherapy (Primavera, Kempten, Vienna). I
created a business offering massages, energy treatments, and workshops for The Mindful Touch.
I traveled the world and spent a lot of time in South America, fully recovered and flowering. 2018 my son was born in Cusco. 
Besides challenging nomadic motherhood, I also experienced deep wounds, disappointments, and mental trauma. The joy of life I always felt so strongly was gone. I lost my ability to laugh.

To change this situation was challenging. What helped me was again to remember my strength, my values and just to witness. I stepped back into an emotionally independent and sovereign space with clear boundaries, and processed again what these words mean: forgiveness, love, silence, relaxation, pure intention, and gratitude. Life is always testing, pushing us into growths. Let´s walk together, hand in hand, heart to heart. I am here.