Bodywork & Bodyhealing Session:

Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: 150 US Dollar

This Session includes


A real touch by others or yourself brings you right into a space of heart opening and silence. A good treatment can make you feel like water. Meridians become unblocked, so the energy flows vital and free, giving a new body feeling and health. Deep muscle pain and tension can be released, flexibility increased and blockages removed. You can reach a feeling of a released and high energy body related to a relaxed and expanded state of consciousness.

It does not need a certain technique to work on our body or the body of someone else. It can be good to have a certain tool, but the miracles happen through the quality of a touch. In a treatment only hands on can clear and move energy and help the other to heal. In an online session we work with your touch on yourself while I support the energy flow and opening of your body.

Physical connection can also save your relationship. You can book a session with your partner and experience the healing of touch and embrace, the transforming magic of intimacy, heart connection, physical and mental detox, built of trust and expansion of consciousness. This can change your life and improve your relationship(s) and give you more awareness for yourself and others around you.


To live in your body like in a temple, it is important to do yoga, sports or some kind of active movement. This makes you feel your body and improves its health. Movement brings consciousness inside your body and connects you with your vessel. In our session we will find out, how your physical expression looks like and work out individual exercises and flow of movements for your daily life to feel better and healthier just in a few days. Feel lighter, more flexible and free in your body. Strengthen it effectively to have more power. This will be a personal individuell training that meets your needs perfectly.

Nutrition&how you treat your body

Bodywork&Healing also includes all aspects of the consciousness, you treat yourself and your body with. How do you take care of your body? Do you misuse or honor your body? What clothes do you wear? Which medication do you take? And specially, what do you eat? The right nutrition definitely does not only change your body but it changes your whole life. Which nutrition fits to your body and energy system? Find out with me, which food can be real medicine for you. You are what you eat and you feel an immense change in your well being by eating the right food.

Loose weight if you need to, heal inflammations and some illness through the right nutrition, movement, touch and lifestyle. Change your attitude and feel good in your body. Together we work out an individual natural program for you that contains each quality of bodywork and body healing, I just pointed out.


Energy Work Training:


Awaken your own potential and abilities: Training for shamanic and tantric energy work

Duration: it variates individually and can take weeks, months or years

Costs: 120 US$/hour package price for at least 10 sessions (a 75 minutes) = 1200$


Dive deep into the mystery of life. Life is a journey through yourself, through the whole universe. We cannot understand it, but experience and grow. This is our chance to unfold the flower inside us.

This training combines two powerful spiritual traditions, shamanism and tantra (no physical sexuality!). You can eather use this course to expand your current body and/or energy work or you can use it as activation and expansion of your own shamanic and/or tantric potential to unfold and live your highest truth.

In the shamanic teachings and initiations you mainly learn how to travel through consciousness, means other worlds and realities, you learn how to acknowledge feelings and all kind of energies in general and transform them. Recognize energies inside or outside of you , see where they come from and what they do and want. Learn how to move and release them. Don´t let them control. Work with your intuition. Experience, how deep transformation and self - healing work.

Initiate the (shamanic) potential in you and activate your own individual abilities. See eventually what your purpose is in this life. Learn universal laws, look through your own game. Recover in infinity. Surrender into death and step beyond into oneness and eternity. Play with duality to merge into non- duality. Experience yourself dying and rebirthing. Open your heart. Rest in silence. Be free in purification.

Shamanism and Tantra are connected, but you will realize this with the second look and deeper understanding. Shamanism is the first step and can initiate you to Tantra. 

In the tantric tradition you give up on mastering any kind of energies. You step from the more active into the more passive part. It´s about opening up as a pure vessel for the divine energy to flow through you. Be the source by being empty. This needs a deep cleansing of ego - structures, programs, blockages and identifications. Just in a state of meditation when you dissolve as a person, the tantric energy enters your body, heart and soul to use you as a tool, an instrument. It flows through you as a birth given gift and to make a difference. It´s the divine doing that, you have nothing to do with it, you just offer yourself as a servant.

In this training you go through a mental and physical cleansing process through meditation, treatments and heart opening exercises. You release negativity and selfish pursuits from your energy system. This does not mean that you must drop your ego now and here forever. It means to be able to create a space where your ego pauses, when you are there for somebody else, to let the energy run through you. Through healthy and fresh nutrition you become clear, your body detoxes.

We want to practice humility in order to share from our heart, gratitude and unlearn control and judgements. We want to look through our own desire that wants our advantage and blocks us. When we get empty and serve the tantric energy to flow through us in the beings around us and our environment, we experience silence and we realize that we are the fountain of youth by stepping beyond death into eternity. We are in love with ourselves and everything, we feel the dance of the female and male energy inside us and we are both, our own lover. We dissolve in ecstasy.

How do we get there? Through real surrendering, meditation, opening, humility, gratitude, forgiveness and choosing love over ego. Important is our will to serve instead of ruling. We are willing to die (ego) to eternal life.

Through hands on and treatments (for example) we can work with other people and let the tantric energy flow through us into the other being for initiations, self - healing, awareness and spiritual awakening.


This training includes:

• preparing/creating a space for sessions our oneself and holding it
• clearing  the energy field of a being, situation or space with pure consciousness and tools like essential oils, pants, flowers, tabacco, chakapa etc.
• recognizing, facing, moving and transforming energies
• how to handle feelings and take responsibility to self - liberation
• being in service
• mental and physical detox
• Yoga&Meditation
• Hands on&Bodywork
• how to give an energetic treatment
• Inner Journeys
• Breath work


Individual Session for consciousness work and healing

Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: 150 Dollars

Step in for your inner expansion and exploring of your consciousness. In a one to one session we look at your current situation, where you stand right now, where your blockages and fears are and where you want to go. We work out what is necessary for you to work through those layers that cover who you really are. What kind of abilities inside you want to be lived and shared with the world. What is your purpose, your gift?

We are here to live our potential, to be free.

Also patterns want to be resolved and traumas to be healed. You might need skills. If you want to unfold yourself and need guidance for your process, then take my hand. Also with specific issues, questions and blockages I am here to support. This is about happiness and freedom. Use my abilities as a seer to look deep into your energy system. I can see your potential, your unwounded beauty, but also your hurts that might have changed your truth. I see the inner and outer steps you can walk to come back on the path to yourself and experience your existence in all its beauty.