Gudrun Silvestre

I was born 29.08.82 in Kiel (Germany) and grew up there with my three siblings. After school I felt called moving to Munich, where I studied Psychology, Ethnology and Literature at the Ludwig - Maximilians- University. But what I was really interested in was always traveling, the jungle and the unknown.



I searched for something that would give sense to my life.

After many journeys and jobs I heard the word "Ayahuasca".  That was exactly I was waiting for. Now my real journey began, my healing and self - discovery.

This southamerican medicine plant initiated me, but there were many years of consciousness - work necessary and learning of spiritual tools to process deep conflicts in me, give my life a new direction and completely new quality.
I learned meditation, breath work, massage, yoga, and bodywork as the most powerful tools on my path. I underwent several courses and training and made my certificates in Thai
Yoga Massage (Krishnatakis, Sunshine House), Yoga teacher (Patrick Broome, Munich), Shiatsu (Europäisches Shiatsu Institut, Munich), and Aromatherapy (Primavera Life GmbH).

I created a business offering massages, energy treatments, and workshops for The Mindful Touch.
I traveled the world and spent a lot of time in South America for plant diets with shamans, retreats and discovery.

2018 my son was born in Cusco. Motherhood gave me a lot of new insights und showed me what really matters in life. A kind of love grew in me that let me feel complete.

Now I teach and share from my heart, what I experienced on my long shamanic training, my tantric initiations and what I learnt during my years of work. Everything you learn in my training is real and comes from true experience.