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Love, natural joy, peace and freedom is what we wish in life. But how can we create that?

Healing happens by itself as soon as you reconnect with your source where everything flows. Problems dissolve here on their own. You heal yourself by stepping into this field of oneness and coming home. (Self)love is simply happening as expression of your real nature. Here you remember who you really are. You know deeply in your heart how you want to create your life and which way you want to show up for other beings.

There are many tools to remember who you truly are, like yoga, breathwork, bodywork and any kind of art. A simple door to eternity is meditation and inner journeys. All cultures, religions and spiritual mystic schools use meditation in their tradition as the purest and most powerful possibility to experience pure consciousness and blissful existence.

Be open and let it happen. Meditation is a key for everybody. Mental health issues, deep emotional pain, stress, anxiety and even physical issues can be relieved. Once you step into this field of silence, you bring it into your life to be more relaxed, happy and fulfilled. Everything you do can be meditation.

Many people need a feeling of being safe, heard and seen in order to trust and surrender into their emotional wounds. Meditation is not a suppression of those feelings. Everything is invited to be there and healed in the space of silence and connection.

Psychological support helps to create a protected space, to feel everything and find the strength to transform. You restructure your mindset for healthy growth and unfolding of your well-being.

Also bodywork is a wonderful key to connect with ourselves, deeply relax, let go and open up. Our body is our temple in which we live. Here we experience sensuality, devotion and life itself. Enjoy massages that really touch you. 

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Inner Beauty


My Journey

On my healing path I learned and used meditation, breathwork, yoga and bodywork as powerful and immense helpful tools. I did many courses and trainings and made my certificates in Thai Yoga Massage (Krishnatakis, Sunshine House), Yoga teacher (Patrick Broome, Munich), Shiatsu (Europäisches Shiatsu Institut, Munich) and Aromatherapy (Primavera, Kempten, Vienna).

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