Body&Soul Work


Ecstatic Silence means fulfilled, vibrating silence, in the sense of Tantra. Here is the source of life, dissolution of our problems and deep resolution. Ecstatic Silence is eternity. Find it inside you and be the fountain of youth, vitality and pure love. Feel the highest truth inside you and live it, even if it seems super difficult.

If Meditation, Yoga, Massage or Energy Work, all those ancient healing methods co - work with our body, the vessel for divine energy. And this we want to activate.

Experience how to reconnect through Bodywork. In my training you learn the Thai Yoga Massage (with Certificate) what can give you a complete new feeling for yourself and others.

In my Shamanic&Tantric Energy Work training you go deep inside the consciousness and open to the flow of the mystery.

Start working with what you learn in my trainings or expand your current work with new tools. Also you can use these courses as an opportunity to widen up your horizon, get in touch with yourself and others, open your heart, learn and grow.


Thai Yoga Massage Training


Schamanism & Tantra


My Journey

Thai Yoga Massage has been one of the most powerful
tools on my own path of healing and self-development. And what depends Shamanism and Tantra, my whole being just seems to come from there.
I am a trained in Thai Yoga Massage and Shiatsu, certified Yoga teacher and Aromatherapy expert.
I invite you to join me and open up to something new in your life.

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